Friday, November 6, 2009

de-throning the dictator

Don't be fooled by his face, we have a dictator on our hands folks.  He is a mostly benevolent dictator, but a dictator nonetheless.  We have decided we must intervene before things get totally out of control in the parent-child power structure.  Parks has become increasingly demanding over the past few months and I've come to realize it's because...I give in to his demands.  Lightbulb moment!

Possible solutions have included having another child so I would be forced to give him less attention and therefore he would have to adjust to not being the center of our universe.  However at the end of the day, this solution probably isn't the best one for us right now.

What needs to be done is the hard thing: intentionally parenting.  Ugh, I wish it were easier! "Operation De-throne" is starting today and I have a feeling we're in for a rough few days.  It's ok though, it's worth it to have well-behaved children, that's what I'll be repeating to myself this week.


Kristie said...

"In every house the baby is king." ~unknown

aemeburke said...

I think this is pretty typical for most first children around 1 year of age, exerting their demands. I also must warn you of one time with Aiden around 16 months when I battled a time out for two hours with him. I finally won. He's four, almost five now and it still sticks out in my memory. (Ugh) Stick to it and remember-- YOU are in charge and YOU are the parent.

Lindsey Burke said...

Marta, you are such a good parent! I have to say though, the pictures of the "dictator" crack me up. He looks so funny in that little hat. You are right though, don't be fooled by his innocent appearance, he can be a very demanding little porkster.


OH Cousin!

The same thing is going on at my house! It seems when our babies turn 1 and suddenly have opinions life gets a wee bit harder, huh?

Adalie is demanding sometimes but she is more winey then anything else. She wines and points when she wants something. I have started just saying NO and if she wants to cry fine.... it usually only lasts less then a minute and then she moves on to something else.

Just be careful to not overuse the word "no" we did at first and she started toning it out. Stern looks are what works best for us now. I also think letting kids be kids is important to remember as well... at this age they have opinions but don't know how to express them with words so a little wiggle room is due, right?

We are in for many more years of discpline discussion...


Megan said...

Hey Mal! Can you post some examples of things the dictator does? I am curious to hear about his dictatorship :)

Lindsey Burke said...

I agree with Megan, we need a whole post on how the little dictator dictates please!