Monday, November 30, 2009

giving thanks

a peek into our thanksgiving at the lake with the andrews :)

opening birthday presents from mama boo & papa

parks loves his aunt jiewon

getting his workout on the treadmill...this was hilarious to watch (it was moving VERY slow of course)

meeting my great grandfather Dave Daddy


showing dave daddy my toys

parks LOVED going for rides in dave daddy's walker

playing with leaves

Jackson and his grandfather Timer


Aunt Betty Ashton makes me smile!

adoring parents

whenever i'm concentrating hard i stick out my tongue

i love bathtime!


yay for bathtime with mama boo

being cute

hanging out with my best friend, Moses

strike a pose


Proof that God has a sense of humor!  Moses and his "girlfriend" Roxy...hysterical!

helppp mommy!

watching the game with papa

giving Mo some love

moses is such a good sport

birthday pancakes made for me by mama boo

Jackson's mom was so gracious to take some photos of us with her awesome camera!  If the pictures look grainy or fuzzy, you can click on them to see them larger and crisp.  I was so happy we got some pictures of our whole family!

a trip to the lake would not be complete without a ride on the four wheeler!


Lindsey Burke said...

Love, love, love these pictures! I love the one of you guys on the four wheeler with his Russian dictator hat. I'm also extremely jealous that Parks got to hang out with and pet, Samson right, I mean Moses.

Megan said...

great pics! you all are beautiful!

Megan said...

Who's the photographer in your fam? Those are precious pictures. I, too, appreciate Parks outdoor winter hat.