Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday, my little boy turned one.  One year has passed since he was born at 11:46 pm at Martha Jefferson Hospital.  The amount of change in the first year is incredible.  To think he went from this...

to this

in one year is simply amazing.  Watching my child grow has been the most precious thing I've experienced so far in my life.  On the eve of his one year birthday I had two contradicting emotions swirling through my head (I've come to learn this is a common phenomenon of motherhood).  On one hand I was sad.  I was sad that he was officially leaving his "babyhood" and entering "toddlerhood" soon to be followed by "kidhood".  I actually went into his room while he was asleep and just watched him as tears streamed down my cheeks and I told him he would always be my baby.  I told him how much I loved being his mommy and how thankful I was for him.  Then, on the other hand I was excited! Every new step of independence he takes is so fun to watch.  Watching him develop into a  little person is the coolest thing.  I can't wait to see all the fun things he will learn to do this next year.  This will probably be the year he learns to run, starts talking and playing outside with daddy.  There is certainly lots to look forward to.  So it's with a sentimental, thankful and expectant heart that I remember his birth day and reflect on this past life-changing year with one special little man.  

You are loved, Parks.  

P.S. He started walking about a week ago!  I was keeping it a surprise for Jackson's family at Thanksgiving.  He's adorable, I'll post a video soon!


Megan said...

I'm crying.

Bryceleigh said...

This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! You two are very blessed. I mostly love all of his cute ensembles. I credit you and Scary Teri. Fabulous job!

Megan said...

Mal, I love your new blog makeover and I love this post. Its crazy how fast a year goes! Yesterday I was thinking that this time last year I was ready to pop and about to die of impatience. I feel the same way about Noah turning 1. Very blessed and sad at the same time. I LOVE all the pics of Parks and I am so excited he is walking! I can't wait to see him. You guys are great parents!


Happy Birthday Toddler Parks! What fun adventures await you and Mommy as you grow into your toddler years.

We love you,
Cousin Meghan