Saturday, November 7, 2009

Traveling with Babies

I love the mom-raderie we have here on this blog so I'm doing another request for tips/help.  Parks and I will be making our very first trip via airplane next weekend and I'm a little nervous about it.  I think I've got  the basics down: lots of snacks, some new toys/books he hasn't seen before, a portable DVD get the picture.

Any tips on packaging the car seat?  Any tips you wouldn't know unless you've traveled with a baby before?  Please share all!  My worst nightmare is having an inconsolable child on a flight and being "that mom".  I don't think that will be a problem...but I want to be as prepared as possible.



aemeburke said...

Target sells travel bags for about $20 for car seats. The have a shoulder strap to make it easier to travel with. Do a gate check for the seat, so you don't have to wrangle it from the masses with the baggage or risk it getting lost.
Pack antibacterial wipes to wipe down everything, since you can't take purell and an empty sippy cup. Ask the flight attendant for water or fill it with water from your own bottle (if you can get it at the gate) as soon as you get settled to help with ear pressure. Have him drink during take-off/ landing or any other time you notice your ears popping.

AndyandLex said...

Hey girl - I still pop on to check you blog from time to time (after our less than successful summer blog bible study last summer!) :) and just happened to see this post. I took 32 flights with Lallie Beth her first year, so well, I know a trick or two about flying with babies. :) The best best best is to nurse on the way up and down, if able (yeah for hooter hiders!). Next, crunchy snacks. They are messy but will keep his attention. If you can get a window seat, great, because when he falls asleep you'll have somewhere to rest your arm. Ask for the bulk head. They usually don't let ppl book it and keep it for marshalls, pilots, or moms with babies. You'll have more room. And lastly...keep in mind that 99% of people will understand if the little guy freaks and gets fussy. They were that little person once upon a time, so no fretting! You'll do great!