Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I just watched "A Baby Story" on TV and the subtitle was "Natural Birth" so my interest was piqued.

The woman giving birth was all about au naturale which I can appreciate and she had her husband AND 3 or 4 year old son in the room with her. The little boy was watching the birth...and I do mean WATCHING.

I'm not gonna lie, I was disturbed by this. I can see the argument that life being brought into the world is a miracle and we should share it with our kids, etc. But can't you share it with them right after the birth when mom is all covered up???

This little boy didn't seem traumatized at all but I bet down the road he will think it was weird that he saw his mom give birth.

Weigh in here readers, what do YOU think about children literally watching mom have a baby?


Rachel C Morgan said...

I don't think I would feel comfortable with my child watching. It's a lot to see at a young age. Plus, most kids hate to watch their loved ones in pain.

Besides, logistically speaking, what does a 4-year old do for all of those hours? I question just "how much" he's really getting out of this experience. Can't a relative keep him occupied with coloring books and games until everyone is cleaned (and covered) up?

What was their reasoning to wanting him to see it all? If it's for bonding purposes, well that's ridiculous. My brother wasn't at my birth and we were very close growing up.

ruthie said...

Peter was born when I was 8. My mother showed the videotape of his Cesarean birth to everyone who came to the house. I may never have children because of this.

The Hansens said...

I was 7 when my youngest brother was born. My mom had him at a midwives center and my entire family was in the room with her. My older brother was 9 and my younger brother was 2. I don't remember anything bad or negative about that day. I just remember the feeling that it was something special.

My Uncle and Aunt came to help entertain us kids in the family suite that they had below the birthing center. We went up for the last several minutes before the birth and during the birth (my Aunt and Uncle didn't join us for this). After we we all had time to spend with my mom and our new brother we went to my Aunt and Uncle's house, so my parents could have some time together as my mom recovered.

I don't know if I will chose to have my kids present while I give birth, but I don't think it is out of the picture. My experience was very positive.

Megan said...

To each his own I guess. But Noah will not be watching his future siblings being born, I can tell you that much!

mallory said...

It's not so much the being in the room that bothered me. It was the little boy staring at his mother AFTER the baby came out....if you get what I'm saying. He was not kept "above the waist". If he had been, I would have felt differently. I just don't feel like kids should see their parents in that way...