Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Parks and I have had a breakthrough. I think I've finally figured out what works for us in terms of our schedule and what doesn't. This "semester" I'm going in to my dad's office two mornings a week to help with the campaign while my mom watches Parks at her house. This time is really fun for me. I love getting dressed up in the morning and have some time to work on creative things that I love. Parks loves spending time with my mom and being at her house with the "dagh dagh" or dog dog.

On Thursdays we have our Music, Mommy & Me class in the morning (which has been going better I might add). Then we usually have a couple playdates on the other days. Voila! Stuff to do, places to go = sane mommy and happy baby.

Sitting at home just did not work for me OR Parks. I'm so thankful that I think we've finally come up with a balanced system of enough activity to keep us both from being bored. I'm no longer about to lose my mind when Jackson walks in the door! Praise!

In other news, Parks has started communicating much more both verbally and non-verbally!

Here is a dictionary of Parks' language:

Na-na = Mama

Da da = Daddy

Attah = Water

Yessshh = Yes

Dagh Dagh = Dog Dog

Digh = Light

Dis dis = Take me to this

He also signs "more" and "please" and "all done" and has started to wave. It's so much fun to see him communicating and I swear he understands everything I say! The past week I'll say something like, "Parks are you ready for your bath?" And he smiles and runs to the bathroom! Or I'll say "Parks let's go outside" and he gets excited and goes to the door. When I ask him if he's hungry he even says "yessssh". Sometimes he'll point to the right body part when I ask where it is. The difference communication makes in any relationship is amazing. He is finally responding to most of what I say. Such a fun and gratifying milestone!

I'll try to do some more fun posts soon. :)

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Megan said...

I think it would be so fun to come see you at this stage of his life. Yesssssh, I do.