Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Case of the Missing Letters

I had a mystery on my hands this week. I recently purchased some magnetic letters for our fridge for Parks to play with. Yes, I know he's too young to understand what they are but I figured he would like putting them on and taking them off. I was right, he does enjoy playing with the letters. Lately, I've been noticing that there are fewer and fewer letters on the fridge every day and I had checked in all the usual places. Under the fridge, under the cabinets, tables, etc. I didn't find one. So, I increased my sleuthing skills and I finally made a connection.

Exhibit A: The crime scene and suspect.

Parks loves playing with the trashcan, which as you can see in Exhibit A, is very close to the fridge. He loves to push it, open the top, etc. Given my son's habits of putting things in strange, grotesque places...one day I got a hunch that perhaps my newly purchased letters were ending up in the trashcan. Parks was walking around with a letter and then I heard him over by the trashcan and the letter was nowhere to be found.

Exhibit B: The Evidence

Sure enough, there was the missing "P" right there on top. I followed my hunch and put my hand in the trashcan and looked in the bottom....three more letters were there!

The perpetrator declined to comment and did not want to be photographed.

P.S. I do realize I just showed the world a photo of my trashcan and there was a box in there that should be in the recycling bin. Have mercy!


Blair said...

Mallory, where did you get those letters? I wanted to get some for the babies to play with at my Grandmas house!

mallory said...

Hey Blair, I ordered them from melissaanddoug.com BUT you can get them at Steinmart in the baby section for a discounted price! I've seen them there several times...Steinmart actually has some nice M&D toys and they are always marked down! Who knew?