Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it to let Parks spend 1 hour of fun at the indoor playground at the mall only to then have a week long cold with a nasty runny nose that prevents us from going to all our usual fun outings and we wind up housebound???

I don't want to be "that mom" who is a freakshow about germs to an unhealthy degree but I'm also realizing certain places are almost guaranteed to send your child away with a new illness...the indoor playground at the mall being one of them. Last time we were there two boys were running around hacking and coughing left and right. I thought it was so gross. Who lets their children run around 20 other small children hacking?!! I tried to keep Parks away from them but it was difficult, then three days later...he got a really bad cold.

It's such a hard line to walk as a parent. I err on the side of being really cautious about exposing other kids to my child's cold, just because I know how much it stinks when Parks get sick. We've skipped church a couple Sundays because of the snotty nose. Maybe this is a first-time mom thing and by the second and third child the world doesn't stop spinning because of a snotty nose.

What do you think? Is it worth it to go to these public playground type environments that you know are teeming with millions of germs and a week of sickness is likely to ensue? What's the line between being a realist who wants to avoid a sick child and a pyscho mom who unreasonably shelters her child?

When your child does inevitably get sick, do you cancel playdates, church, etc for a cold or do you keep marching on?


Rachel C Morgan said...

My mom kept us at home when we were sick and wouldn't let us go to "germ-filled" places. As a result, we were healthy because our immune systems weren't constantly taking a beating. I can think of the perfect example of a family whose parents were the opposite. They were always sick and still get sick often. With 4 kids, that's 6 people to pass around colds and bacteria. Sometimes, by the time that the last person got it, recovered ones started getting sick again! lol

When my baby is born, I do not intend on going to Target before the first 6 weeks are up. I know, lots of people do it and their kids are fine... but I would hate to expose my baby to germs so early on. And btw, everytime we pass one of those mall play places, my husband and I always comment how they look like fun, but they are dirty. Seriously, how often do they get cleaned??

Matt and Amanda Bruns said...

Hi Mallory! You're probably wondering who I am at this point! Anyways, this is Amanda Bruns (formerly Amanda Sittig) - I was a friend of Lindsey's at Norfolk Christian. I somehow ran across your blog this past week from something on facebook since I added your sister and parents. By the way, so crazy that your dad is running for Congress! I'm a full supporter!

Anyways, just wanted to chime in on this subject since it hits home for me! I have a little girl, Lily, who is 2. I absolutely HATE indoor playgrounds in the wintertime especially. When I rarely do take her to one it does seem like she always gets sick with something. This winter we haven't been at all. It's so hard though being a stay at home mom and being cooped up in the winter though. The weather was actually decent today and we got to go to an outdoor park! I was very excited.

I'm also a germaphob in general now because of Lily mostly. Becoming a parent made me that way! I have sanitizer with me all the time - use handiwipes on shopping carts, etc. Maybe it's a first child thing because my sister has become a lot more lax after having 3 kids versus 1. I won't put Lily in nursery at church, go to a playdate, etc. if she's sick though, even with just a cold. Because I feel like I wouldn't want other parents putting there kid around mine if they were sick.

Well, sorry about that long rant! Parks is adorable and you seem like you're loving being a mom!

Hillery said...

keep those snotty little mongrols away from my precious parks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

Hey Mallory, funny i have been thinking about this lately. I have thus far been a germophobe always wiping Ila's hands, surfaces she touches, etc. Whether it's winter time and we play indoors at our local children's museum/ friends houses or it's warm out and Ila is picking up gross things outside at the playground, there are germs everywhere! I have sort of prided myself in the fact that Ila has only had one major cold and maybe another mild one too while i see so many other kids running around with green dripping form their noses. BUT lately I have started to wonder if maybe I am doing her a disservice by not allowing her immune system to do it's job at a young age. After talking to my nurse friend who just took a class on immunology, she thinks that getting sick when you're younger makes for a strong immune system later. (In a nutshell). I need to do more research, but in the meantime I have purposely NOT been wiping Ila's hands as much or worrying as much about leaving her in the nursey at church or playing in germ-infested places. Hope that helps!