Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Spirited One

I can't thank you guys enough for your encouraging comments on my last post. It was so nice to hear from other moms that I'm not alone and this too shall pass. Thanks for your support!

I failed to mention that Jackson bought me the Canon Rebel XSI for Christmas so I've been practicing my photography skillz! I'm still a total novice but I've been enjoying the quality of the photos taken just on the automatic mode. It was a major upgrade from my fuzzy ancient of days point and shoot.

Here are some recent photos of the "The Spirited One" :)

This child has already had FOUR haircuts and is in need of a fifth!
Yep, still drooling...
We love bathtime!
This picture makes me laugh.
Click on this photo to enlarge Parks' "mad" face!
He absolutely adores reading! I'm thankful he enjoys this quiet, still activity!
Doesn't he look big in his highchair?? I can't believe it.
"Don't worry Dad, I've got the lawn."
Throwing the Football
Thank you Daddy for my long, beautiful eyelashes!! Mommy tells me the girls will go crazy for them!


Melissa Coleman said...

Hi Mallory- OK, so this will seem very stalkerish- but I'm not a creep, haha. I am a good friend of Emily Luck, and one day, just randomly clicked on your blog from her site. I've really enjoyed reading your blog postings, mainly, I guess, because we're sort of in the same stage of life. My husband and I just gave birth to our first baby (girl-Dec. 19th). I read your blog late in my pregnancy and loved reading about your experiences as a "new" mom- a role I was about to take:) Yes, I know, stalker. Anyway, read your post about Parks and wanted to recommend another book to you. It's called "The Strong-Willed Child" by Dr. James Dobson. I've never read it, but my parents say it's a phenomenal book. I attached a link below to an overview. I know there's hardly enough time to read- especially when recommended five different books, but thought I'd send it your way just in case. Good Luck! Parks is one precious boy.

mallory said...

Melissa--I have been stalking YOUR blog lately!! I'm so glad you commented! Haha. I am the biggest stalker so I'm not weirded out by almost anything :)

I am definitely going to check out Dobson's book. My parents recommended it too so I will be reading it soon.

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl! I look forward to "watching" her grow on your blog!

Melissa Coleman said...

Haha! Now that is too funny!