Monday, March 1, 2010

15 Months!

15 months, are you kidding me? Parks is a full fledged toddler and my lack of blogging proves it! Gone are the days of 2 naps and little mobility! And you know what? I like it! I think every month he gets more fun and more interactive. It's just a blast to start interacting with him in new ways and seeing his personality come through.

Our days are now filled with going to parks, the aquarium, "my gym", music class, playing outside, getting together for playdates, etc. We're pretty busy actually when you combine Parks' "classes" and playdates with me working two mornings a week. That's the way I like it, being stuck in the house all day was not my cup of tea!

Parks got his 15 month check-up and everything was good. He is in the 60% for height, 30% for weight and drum roll please....90% for head circumference! Ha! His head has been huge since he was born. We just tell ourselves its because he has lots of brains ; ) Our doctor informed me that his famous "potbelly" is just air from him gulping his drinks. We all had a good laugh about what would happen if we squeezed his belly :)

A few more random pics of our sweet boy!

How do my tonsils look?
"yuck, mommy just gave me veggies!"

reading my new book from mama boo

"up, please!"


Megan said...

Bahaha! His belly! I just laughed so hard. Thank you for sharing that! Parks is a doll baby, I just want to see him again and see his personality.

Scott said...

I don't visit your blog enough! I love the pictures of my grandson! Thank you for being such a great mom! Dad

Megan said...

Noah has a giant potbelly too! I never knew it was from air. That's funny and good to know. Dave was just asking me last night if that was "normal" or not.

Lindsey Burke said...

These are hands down some of my favorite pics ever!!! The one of his belly is out of control.

Grams said...

Facebook has kind of taken my blog time, but what a treat to come back and see this adorable boy. His personality shines through in his pictures. I wish I could see him more. Love to all of you.

Whitney said...

His tummy shot is hysterical- Duke's does the same thing after he eats. Last week in the tub he was sticking it out and telling me it was kind of like a frog's throat!
BTW, ask my sister about 'alien baby'. She'll probably get really mad at me, but it's too funny.