Wednesday, March 24, 2010

all I can manage

My life is a whirlwind of toddlerhood + my dad's congressional campaign. A few new pictures are all I can manage :)

action shot!

We bought a bike for me and got a baby seat installed on the back, best purchase ever! We love going for bike rides together!

Parks loves cruising!

Safety first with the helmet! Please notice the "shocks" on the baby seat...hilarious.

sweet boy

reminds me of jackson's baby pictures in this one


Megan said...

Marta, your hair is getting so long! Parks is changing to quickly, every new post he seems a little older and more grown up.

Megan said...

Noah has both the shirts Parks is wearing in those pics. I love the bike pics. Does he like the seat? We are debating about getting one

Jaime said...

I'll take the pics any day. :)

Lindsey Burke said...

I love my little nephew. He is so adorable. Great pictures of him on the bike Marta. I know he loves cruising!