Friday, April 30, 2010

In the meantime

I have been getting some really sweet emails and comments from you guys about wanting to read the blog, it's been really encouraging. So, thanks :) So many of you mentioned you loved seeing pictures of Parks so before I make the blog private you can feast your eyes on this handsome little 17 month old (can you believe it?)!

He loves his dada, especially when wrestling!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Going Private

Hey Guys,

I've been thinking about my blog and I've decided I need to go ahead and make it a private blog. This is kind of sad but also necessary for a couple reasons. If you want to continue reading my blog, then I will have to have your email address to add you to my "Reader List". Blogger lets you accept 100 readers. Please leave a comment if you want to be added to the list. I don't mind adding people I don't know personally, but I do want to know your intentions for reading my blog are positive. I read LOTS of peoples blogs I don't know personally so trust me I will not think you are a stalker. But if you like reading about our family and my sometimes empassioned opinions then I'm happy to have you. I've really backed off writing about controversial things in part because I don't really have the time or energy to devote to responding to people's comments and it gives me anxiety so if I write things that you disagree with frequently, I'd recommend you don't continue reading b/c I will not be going back and forth with comments once I switch over. Ok, that being said, please leave me a comment if you want to keep reading with your email OR email me at! I will make it private on Sunday, May 2 to give people a few days.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010


UPDATE: I'm getting some really interesting feedback from you guys via the blog and email. A couple of you say you have hard-core liberal parents and were spanked. I'm willing to wave the white flag and say my use of the word "liberal" may not have been the best choice. I guess I should have said something like your "permissive parenting agenda" It's possible my experience is not widespread reality. Just wanted you guys to know that :)

Metro Marta that is (if you don't know what Metro Marta's my feisty alter-ego)...I read an article on that just put me over the edge today. I have been on since I got pregnant with Parks and it has been a great resource, but I have had enough of the liberal bias in their articles. It's more than I can take at this point. I got so fired up after reading this article that I sent a letter to the editor. Here is what I wrote:

To Whom It May Concern: I have been a frequent visitor to since my son was born 17 months ago. I am also a college graduate, educated woman who works part-time. I used to think your site was a great resource for mom's but the more I read here, I am very disturbed by a clear, liberal agenda in childrearing.

I was reading an article about 17 month old titled "Feeling Negative" today and here is an excerpt:
"You may also notice that your child occasionally but very deliberately disobeys your orders. You say, "Please stay away from that vase," and your toddler looks right at you, reaches out, and touches the vase, or plucks a flower from it. You know he got your message, so rather than let the defiance become a big deal, experts say to simply ignore it whenever possible. In fact, it's important to try to avoid a confrontation with every little issue."

I think this is horrible advice to parents. I absolutely believe in balance in discipline but to tell parents to ignore blatant defiance in their toddlers is ridiculous. Toddlers test limits, that's what they do and it's the job of the parent to set those limits and show the child who is boss. Our society is suffering from a lack of parental discipline and training and it's advice like this that causes it!

I am also disturbed about the negative articles about spanking on your site. I am a parent who spanks and I am offended by your portrayal of spanking. I also think it's complete hogwash that children who are spanked learn that hitting is OK. Please, I was spanked as a child and I grew up perfectly fine and never thought hitting was OK.

I am disappointed and saddened really by the advice you are giving young moms out there today. You do not provide a fair and balanced look at both sides of discipline you promote an ideology that scorns true discipline and training of children. I am sick of reading an article that I think will be helpful only to find your liberal agenda woven throughout it. There are lots of mom's like myself who still believe that good old-fashioned discipline produces good kids. I'm sorry you
can't see the value in the way we raise our kids.


Mallory Andrews
Va. Beach, VA

What do you guys think?? I know it's been forever, does anyone still read my blog??

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter 2010

Parks looked ridiculously cute this Easter thanks to his outfit from Mama Boo!

Chillin after his big easter lunch and nap

The next five pictures crack me up, maybe it's a mom thing, but I think the faces are a riot!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

drumroll, please

So the latest Andrews' news is....we bought a house in VB! We are so excited. We were renting an awesome little place that we loved, but it's definitely nice to live somewhere that you own and feels more permanent. Plus, I'm itching to get some paint on the walls!

If you live in VB and are buying or selling a house, I can't recommend Stephanie Clark & Team with Remax Alliance enough! They are unbelievable! We were in a tough bidding war with another person and thought we were going to lose the house a couple times. Stephanie always thought of something to make our offer stronger. She rocks.

If everything goes well we will close April 15th! We can't wait. Bring on the Carolina blue house!