Thursday, August 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

"Quiet honey, Mommy's worshipping Jesus."

That's what I said today in the car. Parks has gotten into a bad habit of saying "Nana" about 1,000x a day. You think I'm kidding? Spend about 5 minutes with me and you'll see.
Today we were in the car and I was rocking out to the new Hillsong Live cd and Parks starts with his "nananana" for the 3rd time in 5 minutes. I desperately needed my praise time so I just had to tell him, not now! It's all about priorities, right??


Alisa Kelleen said...

LOVE IT! I love love love it. If only Liliana would care if I said that to her. She would probably respond with, "why"? Lol.

I love your parks.

Megan said...

Sing those praises Sister! Keep it up so Parks learns how to do it too.

I totally think of you every time that song comes on. I can't help but laugh about it either!

Megan said...

what was the name of that song that you recommended on FB a while back that you said was really awesome? Im pretty sure it was Hillsong

mallory said...

I think I recomended the whole "Beautiful Exchange" album from Hillsong. It's their new live album. It's great.

Ruthie said...

Mallory, you are hilarious. I've enjoyed your return to blogging.

Boo said...

Ok, that one is making the quotes in the family cookbook.. I needed some new ones!