Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch...and a case of hives!

I know what it's going to take to get my readers commenting again...regular posting! So here goes.

We went to the pumpkin patch this past weekend and it was great! At the recommendation of our friends, The Burkes, we went to Brookdale Farm in Chesapeake. This place is the real deal, you actually pick your own pumpkin right from the vine. Very cool.

Pulling the wagon for the pumpkins!

Exploring the pumpkin patch
Carefully inspecting each pumpkin...
Parks spotted the horse-drawn hayride and wanted to board immediately.
He was not pleased when I told him we had to wait.

Can I get a little help here??
Worn out after picking three beautiful pumpkins!

On to the haystack!

One of Parks' greatest delights...corn hole!!

Every time he put the beanbag in he would smile and clap for himself.

Our trip to Brookdale was great..but the next day, Parks developed a terrible case of hives! Neither myself or Jackson have ever had hives or been around it so we were very disturbed by it and kind of scared. We didn't know it was hives it just looked like a terrible scary rash that was spreading all over his body. We went to the ER (it was a Sunday) to make sure it wasn't some kind of serious rash and we were told it was a yeast infection. ER = FAIL. Unless you are truly dying they don't really care what you have. Which I can understand but it was kind of annoying. My mother's intuition told me this was NOT a yeast infection. Turns out we think he had an allergic reaction to the hay! My pediatrician just said it's either an allergic reaction to hay or just a case of viral hives. We won't know unless we re-expose him to hay and it happens again...greeeaat. Anyone else have a hay allergy?


Laura F. said...

I break out in hives if I get into certain types of hay...I never knew there were different types till I moved to the country. It is usually crappy for a few days but I take some benedryl and am good to go.

Blair said...

OH NO! Mallory, that makes me so sad! How long does it take for hives to go away? Poor Parks :(

Alisa Kelleen said...

Lili got hives inexplicably one time when we were living in Colorado. Like you, it was on the weekend and I didn't think it was really worth the ER for her case. I called my ER nurse friend and she said to give her about a third of a dose of kid's Benedryl and then just keep an eye on her.

Every other "professional" i asked (i.e. the pharmacists at the store, nurses line) said that they couldn't comment on the health of a child under 2. That INFURIATED me. (though i do understand why)

Anyway, hearing from an ACTUAL ER nurse what she would do at home was comforting and gives me confidence to do the same with Truett should the need arise. Then I would just keep an eye on him and make sure the hives dissipated.

So.....super-long story just to let you know that there's an option fo ryou to. Lol.