Sunday, November 21, 2010

the best 24 hours

Jackson's parents came in town yesterday for a quick 24 hour visit. Let me tell you, they can really pack a punch in 24 hours! It was probably the best 24 hours of Parks' life. Mama Boo, Papa and Moses kept that little boy quite entertained!

They're here!!!! He was so excited!
And they did not come empty-handed.... :) Happy Birthday Parks!
Mama Boo is the best!
Reading to my new friend in my new wagon
You look hungry, Papa!
Family walk with Moses, the dog, Parks' dream come true!

Parks loves Mama Boo's sweet tea!
Plaza with the Grandparents

We put out some Christmas things!

Parks favorite activity, baking with Mama Boo

Enjoying a taste of his work the night before our "early birthday party"

Yay!! Parks will be two years old a week from today! Time has flown. I'm so glad Mama Boo & Papa could come down early to celebrate with us. We had a blast!

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