Sunday, February 27, 2011

10 more weeks, are you kidding me?

My baby ticker is telling me I'm 30 weeks...whaaat?!  My visits with my midwives are now three weeks apart instead of four and will soon go down to 2 and then every week and then she'll be here!  Insanity.  I have 10 more weeks with just me and my little buddy.  Kind of bittersweet to think about it that way.  Oh yes, by the way, we've officially picked a name.  Her name will be Reese Scottlynn Andrews.   Scottlynn is both of my parents' middle names combined (Scott and Lynn).   I randomly thought of it in the shower one day.  I really like picking a first name that Jackson and I both just love and then a middle name that is a family name.  Parks' middle name is Jackson, which of course, is his daddy's name but it's also Jackson's grandmother's maiden name.  I think Parks Jackson and Reese Scottlynn flow well together. 

I would love any helpful tips anyone has on helping an older, but still very young, sibling adjust to a new baby.  I've heard some neat ideas including reading books about a new baby, talking about the baby frequently, letting the sibling help in the nursery and bringing the sibling a gift "from" the new baby to open at the hospital.   I'll be doing all those things.  If you have any other great ideas that helped your family, I'm all ears.  I'm fully expecting to feel completely overwhelmed for about the first six weeks of Reese's life and then I'm hoping we'll establish our "new normal" routine.  

Here I am at 30 weeks with Baby Reese! 14 pound gained so far and right on track to gain the same amount as I did with Parks, approx. 23 pounds.  Last thought, I am officially in the market for my first "tankini" ever.  Reese will be born right at the beginning of swimsuit season and I don't plan on flaunting my poor stretched out belly for the world to see merely weeks post-partum.  Any cute tankini sources?


Mama Bear said...

I like your blog. :)
One suggestion I was given when I had a two year old and a newborn that really worked for me, was to nurse the baby and allow my 2 yr old (Parker/Parks) to sit in my other arm and I would read him a book. So he thought it was story time for all of us. I'm sure you'll do great!

Michelle said...

As for tankinis...I have one I really like from Victoria Secret. They still cover your tummy but they are less frumpy than others I've seen. I think I saw some cute ones at J Crew too. I love the name you and Jackson picked for your little girl!

Megan said...

You still look stunning. I can't believe you're 30 weeks, either? Time flew by from when you announced your baby news last year. Reese Scottlynn is a beautiful name. Works well with Daubert -should we have a boy. And our girl names sound mighty fine with Andrews. I'm just saying, Parks. But that's a long time from now. For now, let's see some nursery pics!