Friday, February 25, 2011

I gave arts & crafts a chance

I have just discovered the beauty of arts & crafts.  Prior to this week, Parks only exposure to "crafts" has been crayons and paper and whatever he does when he is with his Mama Boo, who is VERY crafty!  Up until this point I've been very skeptical that he would actually sit and do something for more than 3 minutes so I haven't purchased any art supplies.  Not to mention, crafts were not my friend growing up.  I've always been "challenged" in this arena and my childhood bff, Bryceleigh, can attest to this.   And to be honest, paint sounded like a HUGE mess and effort for very little time spent doing it.  Well, boy did he surprise me!  I went to Michaels this week and purchased some basics: paint, finger paint, brushes, stamps, a smock, etc.  I told him we were going to do a painting project when we got home and he was very excited about it.  Lo and behold, he loved it!  We did "arts and crafts" for 45 minutes.  The "Hallelujah" chorus was playing in my head because I had found something for us to do at home that we both enjoyed.  I don't mind being at home *if* we have things to do and aren't bored.  Here are some videos of my budding Monet! 

P.S. I have an amazing resource I found about things to do with your pre-schooler that I will post on later.  Get excited!


allaboutthebrittons said...

nice! growing up, my mom was always the artsy type and always had paints and other craft items. I enjoyed painting and more so in high school... In fact, I have a whole tupperware container overflowing with paints, paintbrushes, canvases. Just never have the time to use them anymore. Anyway, I think this is a great activity!

Grams said...

Ahhhh I loved this. Expecially hearing you and Parks. Great idea.

Staci Brophy said...

My favorite part of the video was when he tasted the paint and was thinking about whether he liked the taste...SO CUTE! So happy that you had a good afternoon!

Boo said...

I am bringing my smock next week!!!!!
Do you want me to bring the easel?
I promise I wil not introduce pudding painting yet and get him all confused, but when he is out!

I have that wonderful pink floral painting of Jax's that would work well in the nursery. :)

Megan said...

I just got this book called the "Toddler Busy Book" that Emily recommended to me. It has tons of fun activities in it, not all arts and crafts. You should look into it