Thursday, March 17, 2011

best friends

Park's best friend is sweet little Lili.  We absolutely love it when Lili and her little brother Truett come to play!  As they were leaving yesterday Lili and Parks began their hugging/kissing goodbye and it just got so cute I had to grab my camera.  Alisa (their mommy) and I are hoping they stay friends long enough for us to embarrass them with these pictures one day! 

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Virginia said...

so I about fell out when I read that Parks has a friend named Truett! My mom's maiden name is Truett and we are definitely using it for future babies but have always thought middle name only. A few weeks ago I was like, uncommon names are in, maybe Truett could be a first name, and then low and behold I read your blog! Crazy! Do you know if it is a family name for them or how did they come up with it?