Monday, April 11, 2011

And then I almost cried in Trader Joes

Buckle up because this is one ridiculous story about a pregnant woman in Trader Joes.  So Parks and I were doing our normal monday morning grocery shopping at TJs this morning.  We had gotten all of our groceries but we had yet to fufill one of our most important missions while there: finding "Shelby" the turtle.  I was informed by a friend that TJ's hides a stuffed turtle in a different place around the store every day and if children find her they get a prize.  This has turned into a huge deal in our house and Parks absolutely LOVES looking for Shelby and getting his lollipop as a prize.  I like it because he doesn't mind going to the grocery store and it's a fun little thing for us to look for while we shop.  It's a win-win.

Well, today "Shelby" was unusually difficult to find.  Usually I spot her pretty quickly but I was looking with an eagle eye and could not find her.  It got to the point where I was circling the store after I had gotten all my groceries soley looking for Shelby.  If you have a two year old you know that they don't forget a lollipop prize easily so Parks kept asking "Find Shelby?!" "Lollipop?!" 

I started to get annoyed because Shelby was so hard to find and I finally went up to a young guy in the produce section and asked if he knew where Shelby was.  He said he wasn't sure but then went to go look for her.  I kind of followed him around and then I saw the staffer with the hawaiian lei on.  I proceed to ask him if Shelby was out today.  He smirked and said "she is very elusive today" and walked away.  I was thinking, "Seriously?  Here I am 8 months pregnant with a two year old and that's all you're going to say to me? This is a game for children for goodness sakes, not private investigators!!"

I was very annoyed at this point because I had asked twice and not gotten any help in finding this stupid turtle.  I approached the customer service desk where you go to collect your prize after finding Shelby and I   said, "Hi, I have been around the store 5 times looking for Shelby and I have a two year old who's highlight of the day is finding Shelby and getting a lollipop. Can I please have a general hint as to where she might be?"  The man told me "By the spaghetti sauce."  Hmpfff, ok.  So I went back to that aisle and I still have trouble finding her when FINALLY I see her head stuffed way in the back of the stand.  I mean, it is was ridiculous how hard she was to see.  

I march back to the customer service desk and I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes.  This is where it gets totally out of control.  This incident had me on the verge of tears!!  Why in the world would any normal person be driven to tears over this?  I knew I was completely out of my mind but I had no way to dismiss my frustration!  It was truly comical.  We finally arrived at the customer service desk and the man proceeds to give Parks a lollipop and we thank him and walk away.  I was probably visibily upset.  I got in the car and called my mom and proceeded to start sobbing telling her about the horrible injustice of what happened to me at Trader Joe's and how no one helped me.  I'm laughing as I write this it's just so ridiculous.  I'm embarrassed to go back next week! 

I am totally pulling the pregnant card on this one and blaming it on the hormones.  Jackson can attest I am actually very even-keeled during pregnancy and do not suffer from mood swings or irrational emotions but this one was just too classic and ridiculous not to share.  Has anyone else had a truly outrageous story that can only be attributed to pregnancy hormones?  Tell me I'm not the only one!! 


JenHeath said...

Hi're probably wondering who in the world I am...I am a close friend of Jackson's mom, Boo...and I know Jackson too from church in Roanoke. I also went to UVA like you guys. Anyways, now that we've been introduced--I just want you to know: first, your post was hilarious (I laughed out loud); second, it was supenseful (haha-I was seriously afriad you were going to say some silly clerk refused to give Parks the lollipop because he gave you a hint); and third, you are not alone! As requested...when I was pregnant with my son (about 7.5 months along) a lady in Macy's said "You're only 7.5 months! You look like you're ready to pop today! Are you sure it's not twins?!?" I don't know what came over me, but I looked her straight in the face and replied "No, I'm just a fat, disgusting whale!" Then...I proceeded to start bawling. It happens to all of us at some point or another. Hang in there!

Alisa Kelleen said...

you know that means your hormones are getting you ready for this baby!!! :)

watch out world, reese is on the way!


Megan said...

Michael and I laughed out loud! Shelby the turtle hunt is such a good idea. I felt so bad for you, I can just picture the frustration. I haven't yet had an irrational emo breakdown, but I KNOW it's coming based on what else these pregnancy hormones are making me do.

christa said...

Oh Mallory - this is hilarious. I would have done the same thing and demanded to be shown the location! I had a similar experience at Michaels. I was 8.5 months pregnant and thought I could use a coupon on Clearance items. So, the frames I had spent 1.5 hours picking out for the nursery and about 30 floral type items had been rung up individually (aside: why does Michael's not have a way to ring things up in batches??) and I go to use my coupons only to find out they won't take them. So - it would have been better to have picked out frames that weren't on clearance and used the coupon. I teared up and made the women un"ring" everything so I could put back all of the purchases. Then I went back to the frame aisle and looked for replacement frames and completed my breakdown there. David is lucky he even ended up with wall art after that!

Jaime said...

I cried reading this. I hate them for that!! I'm angry, and laughing, and crying. Right there with you.

Boo said...

Well, I am not pregnant, but I tell you what...when Parks and I go to TJ's and can't find Shelby they better not mess with a tired grandmother! Love you!