Thursday, April 21, 2011

my baby's all grown up....

and getting ready to welcome another baby! I must say I've been pleasantly surprised with how well Parks has handled the "new baby" stuff so far.  It's clear he comprehends quite a bit about what is happening.  Believe me, I'm expecting some "adjustment" issues to come up with the new big brother but I have to say, he has a very good attitude about Reese right now.  He is very sweet when he talks about her and seems very excited about her stuff and having the baby things in the house.  I've been asking for tips and advice from people and I've gotten some good ideas for making the transition as smooth as it can be.  Here are a couple of neat ideas we've heard that we will be doing:

1.  Letting Parks bring Reese a present.  Parks has these blue bunnies that he loves and he and I went to a kids boutique and bought Reese a matching pink bunny for him to give her at the hospital.  He is very excited about it and talks about bringing it to her.  A very cute idea.

2.  Having a present "from Reese" at the hospital for Parks when he comes.  We bought a cool monster truck for Parks to open at the hospital from his baby sister when he comes.  Hopefully it will bring a positive association with the new baby.

3.  Having Jackson hold Reese when he comes to see us so he can hop up on the bed with me and I'm free to hold him.

4.  I'm thinking of making a "nursing box"to get out whenever I have to nurse the baby that has new/special toys, books and maybe a snack that he only gets when its time to nurse, thus making it something he looks forward to as well.

5.  Trying to let Parks "help" out with Reese whenever possible or whenever he wants to, applauding his role as big brother.

6.  Keeping his routine as consistent as possible, including all the little rituals we do as a family.

7.  Plenty of snuggle time with Mommy!  I think this might be the most important thing to ward off jealousy of the new baby.

 Practicing putting his animals to sleep.  He's very sweet and gentle and we say "Shhhh, night night" 

 Parks was wondering why we ever put this up :) 

2.5 weeks to go!!  Yay!!!

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Megan said...

Oh my goodness he's such a doll baby! What a big boy, I miss him so much even though we've hardly seen him grow since we all moved away. I'm excited to see how he welcomes Reese into the world. Big sisters seem to be ready for their new little "baby doll" to play with but you don't hear much about what big brothers do.