Sunday, May 15, 2011

1 week old

Baby sister is 1 week old and we are falling more in love with her each day.  It's truly amazing how different you are as a parent the second time around.  Jackson and I both can really "enjoy" her more because we are so much more relaxed.  I don't tense up everytime she starts to fuss or freak out when she cries.  I know what to do this time and I know what she needs, plus I'm not making things harder on myself by making habits I'll just have to break later (more on that later).  Like the Babywise mantra says, "begin as you mean to go".  It's such a relief.

Jackson's parents have graciously taken Parks to their home for a few days giving us some time to rest and enjoy Reese.  We seriously feel like we are on vacation, which is not how I would have described the newborn days with Parks at all.

Reese is already on a pretty good schedule.  She eats every 3 hours and has been sleeping a 4.5-5 hour stretch at night directly followed by a 3 hour stretch after a feeding.  I told Jackson, "I can exist like this for a long time".  It's really not bad at all.  And the best part is, I lay her down in her crib to sleep at night AND for daytime naps.  GLORY!!!   And it gets better, she's not even asleep when I lay her down, she's tired, but awake and then learns to go to sleep on her own!  I wish I had done this with Parks from the start but everything is so different with your second child.  It took me a while to let him cry it out.

I know I've said it before but I have to give it props again, Babywise works for us in a major way.  It faciliates early nighttime sleep and good naps for baby.  A rested baby = a happy baby = a rested, happy mommy!  Everyone has to do what is right for their baby but since it works so well for us, I like to throw it out there in case it's helpful for anyone else.

Here are a few pics of the princess!  We think she has my face shape, possibly Jackson's lips and we're not sure about the eyes.  She definitely looks similar to Parks, but not exactly alike.  They have totally different face shapes and different eyes and noses I think.

 Right after her first bath!  

 Can you believe I can put a bow in her hair?!!  It's so fun!

 She's a happy girl!

She makes the funniest faces too!


Megan said...

Look at those outfits!!!

Way to go mommy, I'm so glad to hear things have been going well. I feel like I will need to have a phone convo with you later on and get some more helpful hints.

Rachel said...

I'm loving all of these posts! It is soooo funny how as a first time mom, you're very sensitive to your child's cry at first. We don't do CIO really, but I certainly don't jump the second he fusses anymore. Most moms I know say that #2 seems easier since you already know what you're doing. Even little things like where you change diapers and what set-up is best seem like somewhat of a challenge at first.

Megan said...

Shes presh!!!!! Her hair reminds me so much of Parks when he was born!