Monday, September 26, 2011

Backpedal, backpedal, backpedal

I hate when I have to backpedal, you know, when you make a decision that then needs to be undone.  Either you say something that didn't come out right or you just plain shouldn't have said or you buy something you know you shouldn't have.  Well today, I had to backpedal.  I had an appointment with my eye doctor because my vision has been bothering me lately.  I figured I might need some occasional eye glasses for night driving and when I watch tv.  Turns out, he wrote me a prescription for some glasses to wear occasionally.  Fine and dandy.

Here's where things got crazy.   I was never handed a prescription or asked if I wanted to purchase glasses there.  They just immediately whisked me over to their "glasses department" where some nice people started helping me select frames.  Price range was never discussed and shame on me I didn't really ask.  I just figured they would be reasonable (bad I know!).   The price tags are so tiny on the glasses and my eyes were dilated for goodness sakes! So, I find a pair I like of course they were "Kate Spade" (what was I thinking?!) and the sales lady just goes to town tallying up my order.  I hear her say something about a discount and I think to myself, "Score!" and then she goes "Ok, that comes to $423. Would you like to pay all at once?".   Ok, stop the train.  WHAT?!!  Four hundred dollars are you kidding me?  For my "occasional-watch-in-front-of-the-tv-glasses"?!!  I was totally shocked and felt like it all happened so fast.  All this was running through my head but what did I say to her, "Umm..yes".  So there I was handing over my credit card to the lady for this outrageous sum.  I guess I felt kind of intimidated and like I had already committed and was too embarrassed to speak up at that point.

I was so uncomfortable and I told Jackson the error of my ways. Thankfully, he laughed.  Have I mentioned I have the best husband ever?  But, I knew what I needed to do.  Backpedal. So, three hours later: ring, ring, "Hi, this is Mallory Andrews I was in earlier today and I need to cancel my order..." I made the call.  I don't like making calls like that but I couldn't stand the thought of spending that much money on GLASSES.  I'm kicking myself over the whole thing.

Lesson learned:  SPEAK UP!  Ask questions, don't let yourself get intimidated by doctors or salespeople. *Always* ask about prices.  Slow the process down and say no the first time if you can't afford something or are just uncomfortable with the price.

Please tell me I am not alone in my idiocy.


esther. said...

Ahh. I totally know exactly how this feels. Had the EXACT same thing happen during college. Except then, I didn't have the sense to say no. Now, I buy my glasses from (same concept as TOMS shoes). They're $95 for the frame, polycarbonate lenses with glare resistant and scratch resistant coatings. Worth $423 but on $95.

mallory said...

Love that. Thanks for passing that on I'll definitely take a look.

Boo said...

Mallory, your ole mother in law did the same thing with her first pair of glassed , but being trifocals they were $700. Made me sick as I drove away from there. Made me even feel worse when Travis told me she gets all her frames for $22 online! Think of how much fun you are going to have with that money you saved...I see that new playroom light fixture coming soon! Love u!

Every Scrap Countz said...

Definitely done the regret phone call afterwards before!!!