Thursday, September 22, 2011

Because I know you are dying to see my kids' playroom...

Haha! Just kidding. I realized I never finished our "big reveal" from when we moved into our house. In many ways, we are still in progress but we have definitely made changes since my last house photos and I thought I would post some recent ones.

I'll start with our playroom. Whenever I say playroom I think people think our house is big. It's not. I should say in the same sentence, "We have a playroom because we don't have a dining room." I wouldn't trade it though. I LOVE having one room for toys! It saves my sanity and gives us other "pretty spaces". It is a must have in my opinion, no one wants a train table for a coffee table.

PLAYROOM BEFORE: I realize this is a terrible before photo of the dining room but you can see it was wallpapered and dated.


I have big dreams for this room. Fun paint, fun rug, fun light, fun wall ideas, paint the bookcase rainbow colors. Fun, fun, fun! For now though, it's really functional and is a great space for our toys. Parks loves his artwork displayed on the wall. I am pulling for a new light fixture though :)


As you may remember, we went from this:

to this:

to this:

Huge improvement! My washer/dryer now are properly lined up so I can easily transfer clothing. I have a counterop and a cabinet for extra storage and I still have my utility sink (it's in the corner). Jackson did the countertop and cabinet! Score! P.S. Do you love my foot holding the door open? I've got skillz.

MASTER BATHROOM: I don't know about you but I just LOVE that wallpaper :)



Floor to ceiling tile is definitely the way to go people. It adds drama to a dull bathroom. I had originially wanted to do the whole wall in the mosaic tile but the price was ridonkulous so I decided to a do a "picture frame" mosaic instead. Jackson is pained that we didn't go with a seamless shower door because it impedes the view of our beautiful mosaic but you live and learn. Next house, seamless door!



This looks boring at best and kind of scary at worst!
Jackson added 4 ft beadboard wainscotting. It gives some character to our otherwise plain 1980s house. I added happy yellow trellis runners. Of course, we painted all trim and doors white. Our walls are Benjamin Moore's gray owl. I hopped on the gray train and traded our beige for gray. Gray is totally the new beige :) Hopefully sometime I will have some fun prints on the walls. Baby steps. Baby steps.


Before: Please notice the large mirror...

After: Please read my comments before judging this room...

Ok, so...I am a neutral girl at heart. I sometimes have to force myself to add color to a room. I had envisioned this room as being "cool" and "monochromatic". I'm afraid it ended up being kind of monochromatic but not cool. It needs color and some serious help in certain places. I need guidance with what to do over the desk. It's kind of an awkward space because the furniture isn't centered on the wall. What to do? Does anybody have suggestions?

Also, the warm blinds need to go. They clash. I kind of hate the chair in the corner that I BOUGHT. Ugh...I hate it when that happens. I think I desperately need some color here but I'm not sure what color to incorporate. Any ideas? I know yellow could work I just get so scared about making the wrong choice, it's silly.

Still to come...master bedroom!


Mama Bear said...

Gray totally is the new beige. :) Your house has so much charm...unlike what we call our houses here - "Crackerjack" houses. Thrown together quickly and they all look the same. Booooo! I have that same chandelier in my dining room. This is kinda fun But you really shouldn't take decorating advice from me. I'm terrible!!

esther. said...

I think a pop of something deep red in your office / living room would add color without being too overwhelming.

Beautiful transformations, though! I especially like the Wainscoting.

Boo said...

Can't wait for you to do your bathroom here!
You and your mate are quite the talented redo team!
You need to show what you did on exterior too!

Callie said...

BBW! I think you have done an amazing job! I love the 'clean' neutral look too. I think some red would look really good too! The red with the little bit of silver on the lamp shades and pillows I think would look really good, best of luck!