Friday, September 30, 2011

a life-changer

My life changed, thanks to the Pioneer Woman.    If you are not familiar with her run, don't walk to her site and check it out.  Chock full of goodness I tell you.  She is downright hysterical and makes me laugh out loud when I read her posts, and that's rare for me.  

Today, her recipe for the perfect iced coffee has taken my life to a "whole nottha level" as our Aussie pastor says.  You see, sometimes I get a hankering for a tasty iced coffee from Starbs.  Those hankerings can cost me anywhere from 2 to 5 dollars depending on the size and if I go regular coffee or latte.  Well, no longer!  I will be making my delicious iced coffee at home.  Check it out...

Behold, my ready-to-pour iced coffee dispenser! 

In case your vision is poor, a close-up:

 This my friends is a very concentrated coffee mixture.  You basically take 2 gallons of water and a pound of coffee and stir them together and let it sit for 8 hours or overnight.  Then you strain the coffee grounds out and you have a very concentrated coffee, perfect for iced coffee.  The Pioneer Woman can give you all the details.  Then comes the good part...
You may be asking yourself, why in the world is Sweetened Condensed Milk out on the counter? 

 Is it clicking yet?  You're probably thinking "Oh no she di'int!"  Oh yes, I did.  And it is amazing. Because as the PW says, "I'm a naughty, naughty, bad girl." 
 Ta-daaaa!!  The most delicious iced coffee you have ever tasted.   I. die. 

And just for kicks, a cute baby:

Now go make yourself some iced coffee on tap! Yum!


Megan said...

Girl, I have been eyeing that iced coffee recipe for a looong time now. I just need me some cheese cloth. Glad to hear you recommend it.

mallory said...

You actually don't need cheesecloth!! I just used a regular colander with a paper napkin liner. You could use a paper towel liner too, works great!!