Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Joy and My Delight

There's something so stinkin cute about a naked baby.  Even cuter when you put the naked baby on a Missoni for Target blanket!  I was not swept up in the Missoni craze but a sweet and very hip friend of mine gave me the blanket as a gift.

Our little Reesers has become quite a hoot!  She is a funny little bird and loves to squeal.  Oh my word can she squeal.  It's like a loud shriek of delight.  And she does it regularly, including in the checkout at Trader Joe's.  She's also a wiggly little thing.  She has been practicing her rolling lately and enjoys rolling over to her back in her crib regularly when she should be napping!  The little stinker!  But she's always all smiles whenever you go see her so how can I be pained? Also, she is totally doing this "pre-crawling/scooting" thing.  Parks was not even close to this at her age.  He crawled around the end of his 8th month.  She can hike her legs up under her and work her way forward with her hands.  She's really quite mobile for 4 months.  I'd imagine she'll be a full blown crawler by 6 months.  

Here's her pre-bath wiggle time...


 Check out those moves! 

 Practing her scissor kicks, a girl's gotta tone up! 

 and leg lifts... (notice the diaper in the background, I like to keep it real)

 People tell me all the time "Reese looks JUST like Parks."  I think they look different but I can see the sibling resemblance.  

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Lindsey Burke said...

I love these pictures, too cute! She looks more grown up in the last picture with Parks than I've ever seen her before I think.