Thursday, September 8, 2011

practically perfect in every way

This little girl is 4 months old already! Time is flying by. If you don't like to hear about proud moms gush about their children, stop reading now. Go back to Facebook because this post is all about my darling baby girl!

I'm writing about Reese for a couple reasons. I want to remember what she was like at this age and what things I love most about her right now. Also, if we have another baby, it's really helpful to look back at these posts and read about how much they were sleeping and eating, etc. It's been nice to re-read some of my posts about Parks to remember what he was doing at each stage. So here we go.

My Precious Reese,

I've never met a more delightful baby. You bring joy to everyone you meet. Happy and content is your temperament and it blesses your mama daily! You are so sweet and snuggly I just want to hold you all day, but thankfully you don't demand that because I do have your brother to look after too!

At four months old you are:
- Sleeping 11 hours at night (7-6:15ish)
- Nursing about 5 or 6 times a day
- Taking approx 3 naps a day
- Loving your nightly bath and bedtime routine, you are a splashin' queen!
- Weighing in at about 13.5 pounds. Dr. S says you are "petite" :)
- Capturing everyone's attention with your amazing hair! Literally everywhere we go someone always comments on your hair. People think you are adorable!
- Loving your big brother. He is so incredibly sweet to you. He brings you toys and kisses you and has never once been mean to you.
- Quite the squealer! You have some of the most hilarious squeals of delight we have ever heard. You have a great sense of humor, we can already tell!

I just adore everything about you. Your soft, plump cheeks. Your perfect pink lips. Your chunky little thighs. Your beautiful eyes. Your sweet giggle and your precious smile. And of course, that gorgeous hair that definitely has some curl in it by the way. I'm excited to see if you have a headful of curls like your Aunt Shannon!

I love you Reesey Girl! I feel so privileged to be your Mommy!

Love you forever,


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Megan said...

This is precious. I want to see her laugh and smile. We love you too little Reesie!