Monday, September 19, 2011

so in love

I figured it's time for a life with 2 update. I am so in love with my two babes. We've found our groove (at least for now) and I'm really enjoying being a mom to 2. I'm starting to become more comfortable in my "mom skin" if that makes sense. I think I'm more confident, more relaxed and all those things that just come with time. Being a parent is a big adjustment and just like any other job, it takes time to develop your skills or should I say skillz :)

The biggest blessing has been seeing the relationship develop between Parks and Reese. Parks is an amazing big brother. He has been so sweet and gentle with Reese, it's amazed Jackson and me. He loves to have her around and calls her Reesey-cup or Reesers. I could not ask for a better big brother. She takes such delight in him too. She gigles just watching him play. There is just nothing sweeter as a mom than watching your children love each other. Precious moments. We are loving this season as a family of four!

I see some Jackson in Reese in this pic!

he likes to "help her burp" :)

mmmm soo squishable!!

Parks loves to get in her crib and play "baby" with her

thank you Lord for a happy girl!

Parks "bjorning" his bear...never a dull moment with him around!


Boo said...

All that love and joy started my day with a smile. Thanks for sharing! Love u all!

Megan said...

LOVE Reese's pigtails and I'm mesmerized by your beauty Marta! One Hot Mama.

Neal said...

Does this mean you might be changing your mind about how many kids you want?

mallory said...

I've learned to never say never anymore. We're taking it one month at a time! :)