Thursday, September 1, 2011


There are some situations that make me feel like supermom. If you're a mom you probably know what I'm talking about. They usually involve some impressive physical feat done while holding a baby and wrangling a toddler. Sometimes it's just navigating a big shopping trip and getting everything in the house. Other times it's nursing a baby WHILE you help your potty training child make it to the bathroom on time. Or not skipping a beat when you are puked on and you just start to clean it up and care for the child. After you're done you know that what you just did is only something a mother would be able to do because after all, mothers just get the job done. There's simply no time for complaining or procrastinating. Anybody with me?

Today I had a supermom moment, although it was one that I'd like to forget. I took Parks and Reese to the my. self. This by itself is worthy of supermom status in my opinion but this is just the beginning. Taking two small children to the beach is no logistical walk in the park let me tell you. So I managed to get them both down to the beach and Parks starts playing on the playground at 31st street. He's having a blast and about 45 minutes into playing I notice he needs to go to the bathroom. I look around nervously. I had thought we would be able to make it the whole time without a potty such luck. That's when I see this and felt my blood pressure rise:
In hindsight, I should have just told him to go in his pants. But no, I insist we go to the "bathroom" aka porta-a-john. So off we head to the port-a-john, Reese in my arms and Parks trailing behind. Of course, I open the door and am almost knocked out by the nasty fumes. Parks was very curious about how this "potty" worked and took one look down and goes, "Ewww dat's poo!". I wanted to die. So I have to kneel down, help him get his pants off and lift him up so he can stand on the potty all while HOLDING REESE. Poor thing. I'm trying desperately not to let any part of either child come in contact with the port-a-john. I spot Parks' right hand touch the toilet seat itself and practically shriek in horror. Of course, this was the ONE time I left my Purell in the car so I say a quick prayer against Hep A and e.coli and move on.

It was definitely, without question one of my top supermom moments so far. Navigating a port-a-john by myself with an infant and 2 year old boy...I do believe I deserve a 'rita tonight! Cheers to all you supermoms out there and a special shout-out to any military moms reading, you are the ultimate supermom!


Megan said...

Ew! A port-a-john? You ARE amazing. I would suffer and get a bladder infection before I entered one of those. I'm not the pee-in-the-woods camper type either. Way to go mom! Way to sacrifice so much for the sake of keeping the good potty habits alive!

ASHLEY said...

Mallory, I stumbled across your blog somehow a couple of years ago (fellow UVA grad :) ), and your posts always make me smile. This post made me laugh. You seriously are a super mom. I pat myself on the back whenever I work up the nerve to use a port-a-potty by myself - let alone with two kids. Hope you had a big margarita. :)

Melissa Coleman said...

I can't even imagine. This post was hilarious. Read it aloud to my husband and we both just about died. I look forward to reading (and learning from) more of your supermom stories!