Friday, October 7, 2011

crafting memories

I was blog hopping yesterday as I love to do and I came across an interesting post.  The woman said she thinks about the memories she wants her children to have and that helps her decide what's important to her.  It's a neat thought!  As mothers we are largely responsible for crafting our children's memories.  She listed some of the memories that she would like her children to have of her and their home.  I thought it would be a great little exercise so I came up with a few of my own.

I'd like my children to remember me...

  • Reading my bible as a regular part of my day
  • Praying often and without hesitation
  • Looking and smelling nice and put together...maybe with one signature scent that they remember
  • Cheerful, patient, kind
  • Full of adventure!
  • Hugging and loving on Jackson and honoring him with my words
  • Diligent in my work at home
I'd like for my children to remember our home as...

  • Cozy and warm with candles
  • Un-cluttered and neat
  • Filled with good music
  • A place of peace and rest
  • A place where all are welcome and hospitality is practiced
Think about it for yourself and if you don't have children, it could be a good exercise to do thinking of your husband! 


Every Scrap Countz said...

oooh i like this. I will definitely be thinking through mine...

JenHeath said...

Hi Mallory,
I know you don't know me very well, but I couldn't resist saying "thanks!" for this post. I had never thought of childhood memories that way. And . . . you inspired me to clean my entire house (both about being 'diligent in my work at home' and keeping the house 'clean and free from clutter.' I really had nothing to do, so I spent 6 hours cleaning! Thanks so much! Take care.