Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My First Vlog: Natural Alternatives to Miralax

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional.  This is my personal experience and opinion of miralax.

Hello bloggies!  This is a kind of an unusual post for me, but it's something I feel strongly about.  If you have kids, you have probably heard of "miralax" which is a commonly prescribed laxative/stool softner.  Unfortunately I have way more experience with this product than I'd like to admit.  Parks has been on it off and on for over 2 years at the advice of more than one pediatrician.  If you have experienced problems with stool witholding or chronic constipation, I know first hand how difficult it can be.  Please watch the videos to hear our story, my thoughts on the "safety" of miralax and plenty of natural alternatives.  Please spread the word about the alternatives if you know someone who is on miralax.

P.S. I'm not going to get into a debate here as to whether or not miralax is safe.  It is my firm belief that the less chemicals we put into our bodies the better, even if the medical community says they are "safe".  What I do want to do is help parents know there ARE other options, ones that your doctor probably won't bring up.  Please comment accordingly.


Rachel said...

I never gave Silas baby cereals after reading that they aren't necessary for breastfed babies. We did organic table foods as he was ready. He eats anything now at 17 months despite people warning me that not doing baby food would create a picky eater. I mean, he had brussel sprouts last weekend, that isn't picky to me!

Since this problem started after you introduced rice cereal, are you going a different route this time? I love flax seed too. It really helps with the fish scales on my legs lol! Due to nursing,I've had constipation issues myself. Juiceplus was recommended by my midwife and it made me regular immediately!

I enjoy your health-related posts. Treating ailments with food, vitamins, and minerals is the way to go. I don't have soda, sugar treats, or medicine at my house anymore. My mom complains but I'm not changing my ways! I don't need Nyquil, I have my netipot ;-)

mallory said...

Hi Rachel! Good for you, going against the grain with your first baby is hard to do. To answer your question, yes I am absolutely going to do things differently with #2. I question almost all "conventional wisdom" now. I kind of did with Parks, but I think with him being my first I felt more comfortable relying more on "common practices" instead of following my gut. Not anymore! :) Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! We do not have children yet but it's never too early to become educated on these types of things!

Do you give Parks everything you mentioned everyday?

Thanks again, these are such great and helpful tips!


Peyton said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom. I too have a burning feeling in my gut that Miralax is not safe for long term use. I have a daughter who has been on it for over 2 years. I've just started researching alternatives and feel blessed to have bumped into your blog. I plan on trying you regimen and am excited to ditch polyethylene glycol for good!

Peyton said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom. I too have a burning feeling in my gut that Miralax is not safe for long term use. I have a daughter who has been on it for over 2 years. I've just started researching alternatives and feel blessed to have bumped into your blog. I plan on trying you regimen and am excited to ditch polyethylene glycol for good!

S said...

I am just now following up on my gut feeling that I am doing something wrong for my son by having him on Miralax for years - pediatrician prescribed for withholding/constipation. We do probiotics and pear juice as well as the "maintenance" dose of Miralax. I've kept him on it this long because it is SO bad when he gets backed up. I am going to try the flax oil and benefiber and phase out the Miralax. I am also going to institute some water drinking games I read about in a forum. Thanks for your videos!

Kim Abbott said...

I just found your post. I am struggling to find miralax alternatives but I wanted to know - 8 months later is it still working? Have you changed anything?

Lisa Loria said...

Hi Rachel:
I am an all natural grandma, or "GiGi" as I want to be called. My grandson has been on miralax for awhile now and it is so sad and frustrating to see my son and daughter in law try to wean him to only have him and them miserable.
So, I am going to go buy the things you listed and try them with him.
I will let you know how we fare.
Thank you for being outside the pharmaceutical box.
I am too!

Melissa said...

Dear Rachel,

I just did a google search for natural alternatives to Miralax and your blog post came up on the search. I want to thank you for sharing your research. My daughter is almost 8 years old and has struggled with constipation for a few years now. She was recently seen by a GI doctor who prescribed Miralax, we have not started it because I did not like what I read about it.
I also wanted to share with you that I found something called Smooth Move Tea that is helping our daughter too.

Thanks again!

Melissa Lehman

Karen said...

Thank you so much for your post. My daughter has been on Miralax on the advice of her pediatrician as well. I own a home-based health and wellness business and believe in being as natural as possible, so it went against everything I believed in to put her on it, but I was desperate to help her, and they assured me it was safe. Well, I, like most other moms and grandparents who have posted here, have this gut feeling that putting this chemical into her body for a long period of time just isn't right, so I am working to eliminate it from her diet and work towards a more natural solution. I make a shake for my daughter every morning that contains blueberries and flax (dry, not the oil tablets, so maybe I can try that instead) in addition to about 1/2 the dose of Miralax than the doc recommended, so I am hoping I can incorporate a few of the things you mentioned here into the shake to help her so that I can get this toxin out of her daily routine.

marjorie said...

Thank you so much for this vlog. My friend sent me to you, after posting an article about the harmful effects of PEG found in laxatives. It was extremely alarming to me since my almost 1 year old has taken 1tsp a day of Restore-Lax for at least 6 months now. I also thought it wasn't healthy for anyone to be dependent on laxatives, especially an infant. It's also very scary for us as our older son has Autism and one of the effects of the toxicity of PEGs (poly ethylene glycols) is Autism. We are (well I am) terrified of Baby 'getting' Autism as well.
We used Flax Seed Oil with our older son when he had poop issues. What really worked for him, was NO DAIRY. I'm not sure if the flax seed oil had any effect but since it can only do good stuff, I kept giving it to him, and taking it myself. I will definitely get some the next time I'm out as well as probiotics, which I've run out of.
Thank you again for this video. I'd never heard of Pear Nectar. I'll have to check out Benefibre and Cod Liver Oil for infants - I know he can't have honey yet.
Thanks again!

marjorie said...

I should also say that for health reasons, I had to put Baby on formula and he's been unable to poop ever since. We found the least worst one and I'm really hoping he'll get better when he can stop drinking formula. Another strike against Baby is that he can't eat a lot of fruit. When he has strawberries, blueberries, bananas, pineapple and any type of melon, he screams and throws up. I know that if he could eat more fruit, his bowels would be better. I load him up with apples, pears and peaches and hope for the best.

Kate and Geoff said...

Hi- My friend sent me your blog and I am definitely going to try it with my 4 year old little boy. He has been on Miralax for 3 years and actually ended up being hospitalized for severe constipation after he was weaned off of Miralax, by the Doctors recommendation, so I am ready for a new alternative. I wanted to check to see how Parks is now and if you have changed anything. I am currently doing the probiotic and actual Flax Seed Oil- how does that compare to the capsule? Thank you so much for posting your video!

Woman of many Hats said...

Hi Mallory. We have been dealing with BM issues with my daughter for almost 4 years and now my son is starting to have the same problems. We were in Children's Hospital yesterday because he hadn't gone in 11 days.
The only option the nurse and doctors gave was Miralax everyday. It was unsettling to me since it hasn't made too much of a difference in my daughter. Thank you for your blog! I googled to find some alternatives and your blog was the first that popped up. I really appreciate your insight and wisdom

mommy Of 2 said...

Stumbled on your blog from Oct 2011.Looking for an alternative to Miralax, yes unfortunately the medical community still deems it "safe". I was curious, how is Parks doing on the regiment you explained on your video? Have you found any other natural treatments since then that have been helpful?
Hope you are still checking your blog, would love to hear from you. Thanks

Casey McNamara said...

Hi Mallory. My son has been taking Mirilax for several years because he needs to take seizure meds that make him constipated. I have been looking for an alternative and I found your blog but the information is no longer on here! Can you or another blogger please repost? Thank you so much!

Heather Hathaway said...

Hi! Thanks so much for the video.
I have a 3 year old who has been on Miralax for over a year now and did not gain one single pound or grow in length this whole entire year!
The Drs. have been useless so I have been seeking natural alternatives. Can you tell me how you weaned him off of Miralax, did you do it slowly or all at once?
thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Our fraternal twins were formula fed since day 1, due to medical reasons. We didn't give them anything other than than until they were 6 months old though they didn't really start eating solids until 7 months old. By 1 year old, we transitioned to cow's milk. Neither child is a picky eater and both eat a wide range of healthy foods. No junk.

Looking back, I think they were having histamine responses and some GI to the formula - red cheeks, baby acne, baby eczema, rashes, never-ending runny noses, spitting up a lot, we were angling their crib mattresses, etc. Our daughter in particular always seemed bloated and she had 1 ear infection where our son had none.

We started toilet training at 13 months old. Our son was diagnosed with mild autism so he was having issues with sensory under-responsiveness; putting him in gymnastics and giving him bigger movement unlocked his frozen upper body posture and then bam! he was day trained overnight. He's now nearly 4 and still wakes up with a wet diaper each night but has been 100% day trained with zero accidents for months now.

Our daughter, though, was nearly done with toilet training at 2.5 when her constipation STARTED to happen. It was NOT a side effect of toilet training despite her age. We also went through stool withholding but she'd still try to get to the toilet on time. She's been on both Movicol (we were living in the UK) and Miralax (when we were living in the USA). This problem started before traveling and continued throughout. It took me time to realize it was likely diet-related. She tested negative for Celiac or thyroid issues. I took her to a GI dr and she tested negative for allergies but he said that it's not 100% accurate and she's acting like she has a milk protein allergy so we are now trying a dairy/gluten/soy free diet. She's on 1 tablespoon of Miralax a day but having blowouts so we're going to try to gradually reduce/stop the Miralax and today I'm going to introduce pear juice for her. But her bloating went away when we dropped dairy/gluten/soy.

We are also anti-juice but are thinking of caving for pear juice and trying to stop the Miralax. I'm also uncomfortable because a child should not NEED a laxative to have a proper bowel movement.