Thursday, August 16, 2012

A visit from Great-Grandparents

Toosie & Daddy Ike, my dad's parents, came in town a couple weeks ago from Florida along with my Aunt Noni and cousin Tim.   They are a joy to be around and Parks and Reese had so much fun! 
 Opening their gifts from Great-Grandma Toosie! 
 Thanks Toosie! 
 Parks' dream come true, a garbage truck! 

 Reese and my Aunt Noni, my dad's sister. 
 Love this little girl

 Frolicking at Gramsie and Grandfather's house

 Chasing Savannah, her favorite activity
 Parks loving his bubble gun

 Toosie and Daddy Ike
 Pootie Girl!! 
 In her "safe place" 
 The reality of trying to get a picture with Reese....

Ahhh, mommy's here, a little bit better. 

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Mama Bear said...

Reese's hair is so long! And Maci is the same way--wants me most of the time (at least close by). And lastly, your entire family drinks from the fountain of youth! My goodness! Beautiful people!